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Social Media 
The best Twitter client for the iPad, hands down and no questions about it. This app is the app of choice for “power tweeters for very good reasons; the interface of this app is the same as the desktop version, so no learning necessary for current users, and it gives you a nice and customizable 3 column overview of your tweets, latest tweets, direct messages, mentions or tweet searches. Anyone who uses the PC desktop app will have no worries using this and those who are new to whole Twitter deal will find this a neat app too!

When Facebook releases its own official Facebook client, this app might find its way out the window but until then, this is the client of choice for most on the iPad. The free version is ad-supported, but they definitely don’t get in the way. It lets you do all your essential Facebook functions in pretty much the same fashion as the actual website, including chat and adding photos. It’s simple but highly effective.

This official AIM app means we instant messaging fans need to look no further. It looks great with its simple interface and better yet it’s completely free. It’s quite a no frills app, just a plain and simple, down to basics chat client. If you don’t have an AIM account the app hooks up with Facebook chat and your users come up in AIM. It’s perfect for those short breaks when you want to share the joy with a bit of socializing.

If you’re a social networking and content sharing junkie like me then Gowalla is the ultimate location sharing tool. It allows you to check-in, tweet and share it all on Facebook in the single interface. It is also a great way to discover the highlights of a new town, city or just any location so I use this everywhere I go, from a street downtown or a completely different country. Are you a Foursquare user? Well then you’re stuck with that ugly iPhone app that somehow looks worse on the iPad. Just make the switch to Gowalla and all’s breezy.

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