Remote Control

Remote Control


Remote Control 
TeamViewer HD
If simplicity were bundled into a single app this would be it. This remote viewing and control app, after downloading and getting a quick address and passcode lets you connect to the system.? I use the PC version of this app daily to oversee new employees and lend them a hand here and there and I’ve always been astonished by the fact that it’s so easy and just simply works and I love using it on my iPad as well.

Connect My Mac / PC
Connect My Mac or its sister network iRemoteDesktop, lets you view and control your computer without any additional software. The only problem though is that it doesn’t work with the Home edition of Windows 7, but not to worry, this local network remote control app is fully functional and if you are a user of Windows 7 Home Edition and you need cross-platform support, you can always check out Teamviewer which provides you with this support via the Internet.

 Wi-Fi Touchpad HD Free
If you are a curious tech junkie and are always looking for different ways to use a gadget or device then you may have thought whether or not it’s possible to use your iPad as a trackpad. Wouldn’t that just be awesome? And with the iPads large size, you can have a giant of a trackpad to use your Mac or PC. With both trackpad and fully functioning keyboard, this is a great tool for your animated media center and works over your Wi-Fi network; this means no Bluetooth problems or loss of signal after a few meters distance. It’s an app that work and is simply cool.

Apple Remote
Let’s not forget about the inbuilt free remote that Apple provides. You can use this to control iTunes on your computer or your Apple TV, straight from your iPad. The interface is completely identical to iTunes, so there is no learning curve here. Remember that this is only used to remotely control other devices, so don’t expect sound to come from the iPad speakers, it will control your controlled devices speakers and won’t stream music to your iPad.?

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