Features of Google Drive

Features of Google Drive

The most amazing feature of the Google Drive account is the size of the memory that has been provided fo users. It serves in giving users the facility to save data which can be retrieved easily and without hassle. The expanded space also makes sure that people can have an easy time in sorting their files and documents so that they are organized, making it easier to access them at any given time.

The powerful search tool also makes sure that it can recognize and access images and documents easily at a faster rate which ensures that files are easily identifiable. This comes as an addition to the advantage of having the ability to view various types of files which include documents, HD videos and even photos. More than 40 file types are supported by the hard drive, cementing its efficiency and user friendly nature.

The best thing about the Google Drive is that it gives you access to your files from anywhere with an Internet connection and this means that you can get your job or projects done from wherever you may be. Documents, photos, slides and presentations can be created, edited and submitted on the same platform and this creating an unrivalled level of efficiency. The hard drive also provides for connecting with other individuals and the sharing of information and ideas. Through the chat platform, individuals are able to discuss and follow up on the proposed ideas easily and this can be used to get work done at the office even if the individuals are far from each other.

The memory capacity and orientation of Google Drive is one that spells success since one is able to have their documents and files saved automatically when using Google Docs and this means that no information is lost. In the same wavelength, a person is afforded the chance to trace the record changes to the documents and hence have the chance to track previous versions of the same.

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  • Peter Winchester 27.3.2014

    Definitely useful for taking backups, also accessible from my iPhone :)